Scotula Navaratnasingham

Scotula is a high school teacher working for TCDSB. She holds an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from U of T, and a Bachelor of Education degree from U of O. She is currently a Science/Religion/Phys Ed teacher who is also finishing up her Principals qualifications courses and will be the first Tamil Principal within the Catholic School Board in the near future. She is a widow, and a mother of three children. Her oldest son is adopted from Sri Lanka. She went back to school after her husband’s death to gain a Master of Education in Literacy from Mount Saint Vincent University. She is a Tamil advocate and recently took a delegation to the school board in order to have an official proclamation made to pronounce January as Tamil heritage month so it can be celebrated in every school within the school board. Growing up, Scotula has struggled with being called dark skinned, as well as her body image after having had kids herself. She has gone through difficult times in life but always moves forward and inspires others by not letting her own situations get in the way of her future aspirations. She balances being a single mom, with a full time job, and taking courses to further her career and personal knowledge. She tries to be the woman that she wants her daughter to look up to and her sons to respect. She wants other women to know that they can accomplish anything they want to despite any personal circumstances and that they are beautiful and powerful and way more than just their skin colour or body size.